You have to present yourself in the best possible manner and market yourself continually.  Video clips are the best tool to market your talents.  Shoot an audition for a project that is casting or create a Demo Reel to present your abilities and accomplishments.             

Need to get an audition side to a casting director across the country? You'll need to put it on the Internet for easy access.  The Acting Clipz goal is to give you a high quality video to promote your craft at a reasonable rate.  Call or e-mail to set up an appointment today!


Acting Clipz

Actor Media Services

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We offer sessions with our personal attention at a reasonable price.  A video audition is a moving headshot – it is better than a headshot because you actually get to move and speak showing your talent directly to those who have asked for it.  You are not paying for the audition – just as when you pay for your headshots, you are not paying for an audition but you have to have them to get considered for an audition. Producers want to see a video – more and more now days with a professional look.  You could have to fly to LA or NY on your own dime to audition – that would be upwards of a $1000 for a short notice flight and the numerous details to be dealt with.  It’s not hard to figure out which is the better financial deal. 

Over the years, I have put a lot of serious thought and reasoning into pricing – trying to make them affordable, fair, and still make a profit. Prices are fair market value for a quality video audition and are backed by 37+ years of experience.  You get service like nowhere else in DFW.  Actors and talent agents have commented that they see the difference and value of our services.

Acting Clipz provides services from videography to editing, acting coaching to Internet distribution - we can custom fit our services to meet your needs.  You should concentrate on your performance and let Acting Clipz handle the technical aspects.  We utilize state-of-the-art professional lighting, photo, video, and computer equipment so you are assured a quality production.  Built specifically for Acting Clipz, our Studio provides a unique, intimate, professional atmosphere so you can relax and work your craft.  

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