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One of the most important promotional tools an acting professional can have is a video audition and/or a demo reel. Added to your arsenal of marketing tools a video can make you stand out in a crowd. What, they want to see you tomorrow! You can't afford a gazillion mile airplane trip? So instead, shoot with Acting Clipz and send your video audition via the Internet.

In this day of advanced technology it makes sense to utilize the most state-of-the-art tools to promote yourself. Acting Clipz offers you the chance to obtain the power of marketing with video and the Internet at an affordable price.

The following is a description of an Audition, Demo Reel, Internet Promotion, and DVD Authoring.

  Audition Video

Acting Clipz offers video audition services. An audition is usually meant for a specific part or character type. These performances are short and straight forward. Total lengths may vary between 2 to 7 minutes and are usually shot with no edits, just straight monologue or scene sides.

Our Standard Auditions has cross-fade edits to the front introduction slate, between performance content, and the ending information segments.

These videos are good for time sensitive auditions to be uploaded and viewed on the Internet or burned to DVD to be expressed mailed. Quick. Straightforward. Besides the actors, casting directors and talent agents will find this service flexible, efficient, and economical.

  Demo Reel

Acting Clipz offers acting demo reels. An acting demo is used to show your full potential as a performer. Lengths varying from 3 to 8 minutes. This type of demo is much more complicated in production. Timing and creativity are essential here.

It is best to do a couple of 1 minute monologues and then place a couple of minutes of actual performance work such as commercials, industrials, film, or television productions on the demo. Acting Demos may include scenes involving one or two performers. This is an individual custom decision on how the demo will be laid out considering the type and amount of performance content.

An Acting Demo is to be used in your marketing efforts to showcase your talents. It is creatively conceived and edited.


The Internet is the greatest communications invention since the phone. Use it! Send your audition video across the country or around the world in seconds. Place your name in places you never dreamed possible. Global access to market and promotion of your performance abilities on the web is invaluable.

Acting Clipz can help you to obtain your own domain name, web address, and sites are custom made to meet your needs.

  DVD Authoring

DVD technology has expanded demo reel options. In the past when making a demo reel there was just one setting - PLAY. Now with DVD disc as a tool, the demo can be watched in its entirety or watched in segments at the viewers' choosing. This allows you to add a few more minutes of your performance skills by placing promotional photos and professional information for more interesting viewing.

Once considered something from the future is now available for you to preserve and promote your performance.